Diet and Food Choices, Pass the Judgement

Diet choices are one of those things where people get judgey. I do it, usually in a quiet way, a thought or a mention in confidence to my husband. When I see a shopping trolley full of processed food, when someone feeds their kids a white bread and cheese sandwich while she gets a bliss ball at a café, a patient wanting four sugars in their coffee. But my current conundrum is people giving me flak about my lifestyle choices while they aren’t the picture of health.

Why do we get attacked for healthy choices? For giving a shit about our bodies? Why do we have to defend our choices? Because you feel like because what I am doing for me and my family is a direct attack on your choices and health? It’s not. What I do is for myself and my family. I have this picture of living long and healthy. Some want to feel good, or look good, others like myself see the big picture. I have a long life ahead of me. I can eat shit and exist, in an almost healthy state. Or I can thrive knowing I will be capable to run around with my future grandkids and great grandkids. I’m lucky enough to have looked after enough sick people, a whole lot of their illness being influenced by lifestyle choices e.i. diabetes, heart disease, joints, obesity etc. Nursing gave me visions I can’t un-see. But it’s been a blessing in disguise, because I am driven to NEVER be in that position. Instead, I look at the healthy older people I’ve seen and met, and know the choices I make now are the small steps to getting there. I’m not depriving myself or kids, we are all pictures of health. They may not stick to it forever but that is ok too, I’ll give them a good start.

Do you know what I do need to teach my kids though? To not get down when people hate on you for your food choices. It gets hard and if you are even a little on the low side it feels lonely and like they might only care about you when you are doing what is acceptable to them. Fuck ‘em. Let it give you drive knowing you have your own back. Just keep doing what you are doing. Provide info if they ask or attack. Or just smile and nod, while thinking “Yep what evs man, do you want some diabetes with your visceral fat?” Don’t say that bit out loud though please. Mum gets feisty as fuck, and you should too, but be productive about it. Go to your journal, journal the shit out of that feeling and decide on an action that feels good to you. Ignoring it is ok, but don’t bottle it up completely, discuss it with someone who does understand or is more open to differences. If you continue to feel judged by this person you will have had time to think of a comeback that is thoughtful and not hurtful. Because your words are ammunition. Use them wisely.

As for me, this blog became the ammo. I’ve finally started, now you might not shut me up.



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